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With over 25 years of clinching and self-piercing rivet experience, we help shops produce quality parts and keep their production lines running.

We help mid-size metal fabricators produce quality joints.



The no. 1 most cost-effective method for joining ductile materials.


Self-piercing rivets

The no. 2 most cost-effective method for joining ductile materials.

Founded 2020.
Joining metal since 1999.

When Byron Selorme started out as a press operator in 1997, he had never heard of cold metal joining. Fifteen years later, he was promoted to Director of Engineering at clinching powerhouse Norlok. In 2020, Sandy and Byron founded Press Lock Technologies.

Since then, PLT has become known for their dedication to quality machinery and keeping their customer’s production lines running.

Byron Selorme, President

We keep your production running smoothly. No matter what.

Like that time we drove through a blizzard on Christmas Eve to get a machine up and running. Yup, that happened.

We had approximately two weeks to get a damaged machine repaired before our plant was scheduled to open. I reached out to Byron at PLT for help, and he volunteered to come to the plant that evening and fix the machine for us. He got the machine back to operational that night, and we were able to open the plant on time. Since then, we have utilized Byron exclusively for SPR rivets, service and parts. It’s awesome to get volume discounts on rivets, knowledge on parts, but the real value is the service.

Chris Rogers

Supply Chain Manager, Gable

I would highly recommend Press Lock to anyone in need of assistance or parts for their clinching machine needs. Byron and the team are always top notch in responsiveness and customer service. Byron has personally jumped on calls with our maintenance team to get a machine back to working order without hesitation

Lucas Sosnoski

Project Manager & Purchasing, Direct Sign Wholesale

It has been a pleasure dealing and working with Press Lock Technologies. They are very prompt in getting back to emails as well as being there for you to help with any issues. Byron was very helpful on getting our trim line machine up and working, as well as keeping it maintained. PLT has been very helpful and beneficial to our company. Keep up the great work, and thanks for everything!

Troy Huddy

Materials Supervisor, Pride Signs

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