Founded 2020.
Joining metal since 1999.

Our story

Joining metal together and joining people to our experienced team who are passionate about making quality custom machinery with skill and artistry is what we at Press Lock Technologies (PLT) are all about.

Founded in 2020 by Sandy and Byron Selorme after more than a quarter of a century working in the manufacturing industry, our designers have been building and servicing machinery for businesses all over North America, such as Otis, MP Husky, Rheem, Mueller, and Direct Sign.

As a fully independent, Canadian-owned business, it is our goal to bring back the great craftsmanship North American engineering was once known for but within a modern context of green, environmentally-friendly technologies that are at the cutting edge of innovation in Cold Metal Joining.

Our specialty

Clinching & SPR

With a focus on the use of state-of-the-art servo motors and pneumatics in our machines, we are revolutionizing metal joining with clean and efficient operations that move away from messy hydraulics and reduce noise to the lowest levels, helping to create an advanced plant environment for your employees with maximum comfort and minimal distraction.

If it has seemed like there was no way out of paying the exorbitant prices of our largest competitors, PLT will find solutions for your company’s needs that will keep money in your pocket and save you time.

In addition to this, we specialize in:

Self-Piercing Rivets (SPR)

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SPR conversion kits for your legacy machines

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Servicing and updating

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An extensive catalogue of clinch tooling, dies, and punches.

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Investing in research & skilled trades

PLT is also proud to work together with McMaster University’s McMaster Manufacturing Research Institute (MMRI), Mohawk College Ideaworks, and Canadian Skilled Training and Employment Coalition (CSTEC) as well as Skilled Trades Plus. It is our desire to impart our knowledge and expertise to help push the boundaries of manufacturing research as well as inspire apprentices to share our dedication and passion for building and designing.

Collaborative R&D project boosts tooling life and sales for manufacturing startup

Press Lock Technologies leveraged support from the Southern Ontario Network of Advanced Manufacturing Industry (SONAMI). The startup partnered with McMaster Manufacturing Research Institute, SONAMI’s institutional member on a collaborative research and..

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