Self-piercing rivets (SPR)

Our self-piercing rivets are compatible with most North American riveting machinery. Find your compatible part numbers below, or contact us if you have questions.

PLT Rivet Spool

from $645 (USD)

Our best-selling rivet spool, compatible with most North American machinery. 10,000pcs spool, flat head profile, 5.0kg/11.1lbs per spool​.

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Over 12 million rivets sold!
In-stock sizes:
Compatible with part #
3mm x 4mm
3mm x 5mm
3mm x 6mm
R30644CH00/BAA and J30644AH06/BAS

Ø5mm X 5mm-7mm sizes and more are available on request. If your size is not listed here, contact us and we'll manufacture it.

Universal Spool Conversion Kit

from $377 (USD)

Convert any self-piercing rivet press to accept more cost-effective Press Lock spools.

Convert cartridge feed presses easily

Easy to install; you only need one 1/2" wrench (metric models available upon request)

No drilling or tapping of holes required to install

Easily change spools in seconds WITHOUT any tooling.

Common questions about our self-piercing rivets

Which manufacturers are your self-piercing rivets compatible with?

Our SPR tape feed is compatible with Henrob, Atlas Copco, Accu-Clinch SPR, Norlok, and some Bollhoff style tape-fed rivets. You can check compatible part numbers above, or reach out to us if your part number isn't listed there.

We can replace cassette-stored rivets with spooled rivets for space and time savings.

Can I use SPR rivets for aluminum? Which materials are suitable for SPR?

SPR is a great choice for joining aluminum. It can also join steel, brass, copper, aluminum composite material, polycarbonate, hybrid connections, and connections with adhesives.
We can replace cassette-stored rivets with spooled rivets for space and time savings.

Do you manufacture your rivets and tools in-house?

We manufacture a variety of presses and tools ourselves, and have our rivets manufactured to our specific standards as well.

Do you offer rivet guns?

Yes, we offer rivet guns. Normally called presses, workheads, or tools. We have a wide variety of standard product but also can customize to your needs. From a simple portable workhead to a complete automated system.

What are self-piercing rivets?

Self-piercing rivets or SPRs are a specially engineered fastener with internal geometry that requires no pre-punched or pre-drilled hole. The rivet pierces the first layer of material and drives through to the base layer, where it will expand and form a lock when used with a specific design of SPR die.

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