We make sure your parts can be clinched or riveted

Send us your parts and we'll evaluate them on-site.

Feasibility Test

Get a reliable understanding of clinching/riveting feasibility. Free of charge.

Clinching/riveting feasibility evaluation

Tool reach and access test

ASTM E4-16 strength testing

Production Test

Get your clinching/riveting ready for high-volume production. This is a paid test.

Strength study with upper and lower control limits

If needed, design of go/no-go gauging

How it works

Sample evaluation involves a bit of paperwork and shipping, but will nip quality issues and downtime in the bud.


Get in touch

Call us at +1 (289) 205 0430 or reach out via our contact form. We can help you answer questions and pre-evaluate the feasibility of your parts on a short phone call.


Get your sample ready

Please prepare samples of each material you wish to join. This includes samples of the top, bottom, and any intermediary layers you wish to join in your application.

​Samples should be prepared as sheared coupons measuring 3" X 1.5".

​Any additional information you can provide, specific to your application, is going to help in evaluating joining technologies; including part drawings and technical specifications.


Fill out the paperwork correctly

This step is critical to make sure your delivery arrives.

Include "material samples" in your shipping documentation as a description of the shipment.

Include a minimum value of $5.00. Failure to do so may incur a brokerage fee that you would be responsible for.

Include this tariff number for shipping into Canada: 7204.20.00.00

Select Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) and select all costs as responsibility of shipper.

Our address: PRESS LOCK TECHNOLOGIES TESTING CENTER, 520 Burlington St., East Hamilton, ON, Canada L8L 4J2


Get your evaluation

Depending on the type of test you ordered, we'll give you a call with the results or send you detailed documentation for your production process.

Need help? Let’s talk.

We’ll take the time to find a solution for your application, big customer or small.

Frustrated by inconsistent material joining?

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